Monday, November 20, 2006


More gifts finished.

These Odessa hats, designed by the lovely and talented Grumperina, are destined for two of my nieces, ages 3 and 6. The little girls will love the sparkly iridescent beads. Both hats are made from RYC Cashsoft, a lovely soft yarn. I would almost rather rub my face in this yarn than knit with it. Almost.

Also, two pairs of slipper socks for my mom are done. Last year I gave Mom some crocheted slippers (like these), and she really liked them. In fact, she liked them so much that she decreed that she wants handmade slippers every Christmas for the rest of her life. Yikes! This year she's getting knitted ones.

What quick and economical knits these are! Each pair took me a day to knit. Considering it normally takes me a minimum of four days to knit a pair of socks, I am thrilled. Plus, a pair of these socks requires just under 60 grams of Knit Picks Swish Superwash. That works out to a little less than $4 per pair. Not bad at all.

I'm still liking Swish. No, it isn't the nicest superwash I've ever used, but it is great value—and plenty soft for most purposes. The two balls of Bordeaux I used had no knots at all. Bordeaux is an aptly named color. It's such a winey red that, while knitting with it, I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to break out the corkscrew and pour myself a glass. Anyway, it's a perfect Mom color. Myself, I prefer a warmer red.

These socks also gave me the opportunity to practice cabling without a cable needle. Fun stuff!


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