Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brace yourselves for actual knitting content

Even though knitting and spinning have slowed down dramatically here at Chez T4S, I do have a couple of finished projects. First up is proof that I still do knit, although even I will admit that stockinette socks don't make for the most exciting knitting. Exciting or not, the Professor is happy to have a new pair of socks.

trek pn ankle socks
Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura (75% wool, 25% bamboo), colorway 1604
Needles: 2.00 mm DPNs

trek pn 1604 macro
I'm still a great fan of Trekking sock yarn. It may not be the softest stuff in the world, but it wears like iron and comes in fantastic colors. This is the first time I've used the Pro Natura line, and I like it as well as XXL. I did find the yarn to be a bit splitty; however, the splittiness didn't cause me any angst, so it's probably a bit petty of me to even mention it.

I am starting to itch for a new, non-sock knitting project, though. Right now I'm wavering between some sort of sweater/top or some lace. Any suggestions?

Of course, I'm still spinning more than I'm knitting. I really do need to find a little more balance in my fibery pursuits. (I think Ms. Bockstark and I may suffer from the same affliction.) Spinning is what's making me happy for now, though, so I'm going to keep at it.

cmf sbfl skein
Fiber: Crown Mountain Farms Bluefaced Leicester, "Shala"
3 ply
250 yards (sport weight)
103 grams

cmf sbfl strands macro
Oh. My. Goodness. I adore this yarn. Blue + brown is one of my favorite color combinations, and it looks better in the 3 ply yarn than I ever imagined it would. In fact, I had originally planned to spin up half of the 8 oz. bump of fiber as 3 ply and half as 2 ply—just to compare the two. However, I'm so thrilled with the 3 ply that I have already decided to go ahead and do the second half of the fiber as 3 ply too.

cmf sbfl swirl
This is the first CMF BFL that I have spun, and it is lovely stuff. It practically spins itself. I am certainly looking forward to spinning more of it.