Monday, July 13, 2009

Tour de Fleece: Week 1

Normally I'm not one to join groups, KALs, SALs, etc., but when Kristin of All Spun Up formed an ASU group for the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry), I was helpless to resist.

We were supposed to set goals, so I set a characteristically nonspecific one: spin down the stash as much as I can. The T4S stash might be visible from space at this point, so I probably won't be able to make much of a dent. (Please don't tell me I should spin thicker. I just can't...for several reasons.) In any case, I have made some progress.

bmfa s2s rr swirls2
Fiber: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe kit (superwash merino), "Rooster Rock"
3 ply
850 yards (only 400 yards was done during TdF)
234 grams

My creation
Fiber: All Spun Up merino, unnamed, but I'm calling it "Orchard"
3 ply
424 yards
114 grams

My creation
Fiber: All Spun Up merino, unnamed, but I'm calling it "Prepster"
chain ply (Navajo ply)
434 yards
119 grams

One week: 1248 yards of 3 ply fingering weight yarn. Maybe I should have set a yardage goal.


At 7/13/09, 8:24 PM, Blogger Walden said...

Looks good! Especially like Orchard!

At 7/14/09, 1:27 AM, Blogger LittleBerry said...

I love them all.... you should turn your photos into postacard sthey're always to beautiful to gaze upon as is the yarn....

At 7/14/09, 7:05 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Gorgeous stuff - you are my hero. :-)

If you count your singles, it's even more impressive -- that's about 3800 yards!

At 7/15/09, 10:43 AM, Anonymous KellyHL said...

Lovely stuff as always. My goals were just to spin for 30 minutes a day and to make my first 3-ply. So far so good; I even got to try Navajo ply with my extra singles. :)

At 7/20/09, 6:45 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Gorgeous colors especially Orchard. You are doing such a fantastic spinning job. I think 3ply is great as it's more versatile for knitting - socks, garments, shawls, etc.

At 7/28/09, 8:56 PM, Anonymous Oiyi said...

I saw these on Ravelry while I was on vacation. They are perfectly spun! Great colors.

At 8/1/09, 12:20 PM, Blogger spinningleaves said...

Gorgeous spinning! I, too, noticed them on Rav in a recently shared stash photo and just HAD to visit. Perfect twist, grist, and plying. I am chartreuse with envy.


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