Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Think pink

Wow, I really didn't mean to be silent for nearly a month. Life gets in the way—work, traveling, etc. The kicker was that my computer died about a week ago. I think the Professor felt vindicated because he has been saying for months that we needed to replace that computer. So now I have a new baby and therefore no excuses for neglecting the blog.

MacBook Pro
My goal is to do a bunch of make-up posts in the next week or so. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Since I like to be methodical, I'll use this post to highlight some FOs I finished about a month ago. In March I mentioned that I planned to knit two pairs of pink socks for my two young nieces. Well, I accomplished my goal, but barely in time for each of the respective birthdays.

These were for my older niece:

cmf tm gent socks done
Terrible artificial light photo.

Pattern: Gentleman Socks by Kristi Schueler
Yarn: my own handspun
Needles: 1.75 mm DPNs

cmf tm gent socks detail
What a great pattern for handspun! I had originally planned to do right twists on one sock and left twists on the other, but somehow my left twists didn't seem to mirror my right twists very well. It could be that I just didn't give it enough of a chance before I ripped out the left twists, though. (Hey, I was under a deadline!) And I really love the irony of knitting "Gentleman" socks for my niece who is the girliest of girls.

My younger niece got something simpler:

cmf tm ank socks done
Since I only had a couple of days to knit these, they had to be ankle socks. It's a good thing that handspun looks so great in plain stockinette. Even in this sad unblocked state, they still look pretty good.

However, I doubt whether I will be able to knit with pink yarn for a year or two.