Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I came, I saw, I dyed

On Saturday Angeluna, Susan (defiantly blogless), and I spent the day at Heritage Arts. Originally the plan was just to go down and check things out, but then Angeluna brilliantly arranged for us to do some dyeing while we were there. Here's what I came away with.
first hand dyed
The blue skein was my first attempt, and I'm not thrilled with it. It's too bright and too yellow. I was aiming for something much darker. There's a strong possibility that I'll end up overdyeing this one. More than one person at knit night on Tuesday commented that "those aren't your colors" (as in, "we've never seen you knit with anything like that"). What can I say? I'm chalking it up to the enthusiasm of a first-time dyer. (Naturally it can't be that I have the color sense of a common warthog.)

However, I love, love, love the second skein! It's right in keeping with my current obsession with autumnal colors. Yeah, this one deserves a close up.
first hand dyed close
The proof is in the knitting, though. This lovely skein may knit up into a hideously ugly pair of socks. But you know what? I don't think I would mind.

I've gotten shockingly little knitting done this week, so now I'm off to figure out where I left my knitting groove.


At 8/22/07, 6:14 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

Love the autumn colors! My one foray into dyeing turned out in far too vivid of colors for me.

At 8/22/07, 6:51 PM, Blogger Dame Wendy said...

They both look awesome. :)

At 8/22/07, 7:34 PM, Blogger chocolatetrudi said...

Very nice dyeing! I don't mind the blue skein, but I love the autumn colours.

At 8/23/07, 3:21 AM, Blogger Angeluna said...

They do both look awesome, but I think you will like the blue even better with an overdye to add mystery.

At 8/23/07, 6:39 PM, Anonymous Lynne E. said...

IMO, the blue skein is very pretty. (Yellow is one of my favorite colors, as is turquoise blue.) The autumn-y skein is even prettier, of course--you picked up on how to do subtle shading.

At 8/23/07, 8:35 PM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

WOW! I think for your first dyeing attempt, they both look fabulous! I wish I had somewhere to go dye yarn.

At 8/25/07, 6:47 PM, Blogger bookgrump said...

The autumn one is really pretty. The other is nice too, but pales in comparison. Maybe it would make a nice gift? Or perhaps you could save it as is and see if someone else ends up dying something that is more "you".

At 8/31/07, 9:18 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

This is too funny. I, who have been on an autumn kick for about a year and a half, like your autumnal yarn [yes, it's definitely "you"] and also the blue and yellow one, though everybody in SOTW knows that I don't do blue. It reminds me of a blue and yellow king sized sampler quilt that I made about seven years ago. Just lovely. Maybe we can do a swap sometime?


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