Sunday, August 05, 2007


Remember a while back when I complained about having too many projects going? I realize now that those were good times. With Print O' The Wave and Thelonious both finished, I'm feeling a bit deflated. The problem is that I didn't have anything waiting in the wings. There are loads of things that I would like to knit, but I haven't yet decided what I want to knit most.

What to do in a situation like this? Cast on some plain socks, of course. Well, mostly plain socks, anyway.
trekking 90 ur half
Trekking XXL is my favorite of the mass produced sock yarns. I've read complaints about it being too thin and too splitty, but my experience with this yarn has been nothing but positive. Splitting hasn't been an issue for me, and I actually prefer my sock yarns to be a bit on the thin side. I won't claim it's the softest yarn in the world, although it does soften up considerably upon washing.

I find the random stripey patterns endlessly diverting. The browns, oranges, and greens in this yarn are perfect for my mood too. Even though it's only August, I'm already dreaming of autumn. Ah, I feel better now.
trekking 90 ur close


At 8/5/07, 4:28 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Those ARE gorgeous colorus -- so cool and peaceful!

At 8/5/07, 4:47 PM, Anonymous Mary-Heather said...

Pretty pretty heel gusset. Love the colors!

At 8/5/07, 7:02 PM, Blogger Jeri said...

nice socks... size 1's?

At 8/5/07, 8:32 PM, Anonymous kelp! said...

I'm totally with you on the what-to-knit-next thing. I feel exactly the same way, and it's driven me to pick up a stockinette sock knit on 0's. Here's hoping that some exciting, textured knitting mojo strikes us soon! Your sock does look lovely, though.


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