Monday, February 05, 2007

Socks for a gentleman

Yesterday I finished the Gentleman's Fancy Socks. They took longer than usual to complete because I've also been working on the Urban Aran. In any case, we are pleased.

Yarn: Fearless Fibers superwash merino sock yarn in the Deepest Forest colorway.
Pattern: Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.
Needles: size 0 Knit Picks DPNs.
Modifications: I didn't do the calf shaping since the Professor, with his skinny man legs, doesn't require it. Also, I omitted the "seam stitch" on the heel flap.

No disrespect to Nancy Bush intended, but it's the yarn that makes these socks special. It's soft and squishy, and the colors are drool-worthy. This yarn is among the thinnest sock yarns I've used, but that doesn't bother me. I like knitting socks at a small gauge.

Now I can work full time on the Urban Aran. Today I'll finish the back and start on the front pieces. Things are moving along!


At 2/5/07, 2:37 PM, Anonymous Lynne E. said...

Better let Deb know about these beauties! I've got to make a pair for myself--maybe in Fearless Fibers "Shades of Teal".

At 2/6/07, 1:46 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

I can't believe you finished those so quickly. They are stunning! The professor is very lucky indeed! GORGEOUS socks & your photography really brings out the beautiful stitch pattern & yarn colors. BRAVO!

At 2/6/07, 3:37 AM, Anonymous Stephanie said...

I got the same book for the holidays and I knit the Fancy Silk Sock for my mom. I like yours better. (I let my mom pick the color/pattern, and she chose a self striping yarn and a 'fancy' sock)

At 2/6/07, 6:23 PM, Anonymous Deb aka Fearless Fibers said...

Fabulous job! The socks look really incredible.


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