Sunday, December 23, 2007

Second verse, same as the first

Look, another chevron scarf! (Original specs are here.) I know it looks exactly the same as the first one, but trust me, it is actually another scarf.

When I finished the first scarf, I weighed my leftover yarn and calculated that I could get another 60" scarf out of it. What I did not do was weigh the two balls of yarn separately. I assumed they were roughly the same weight. Amateur mistake! It was panic time when I ran out of Watermelon Tourmaline about 45" into the second scarf.

This is where Ravelry saved me. I posted a thread on the "In search of" forum begging for leftovers. When nothing came of that, I started messaging people who had used the yarn in their projects. This kind of begging very much goes against my personality, but I really didn't want to buy another skein of yarn when I only needed 15 grams. I only got three replies out of the dozen or so messages I sent. Two of those people didn't have what I needed...but the third one did. Huge thanks to the Knitting Bandit for saving the day! Not only did she send me her leftover yarn (more than enough to complete my scarf), but she would not take anything in exchange for it. This is someone with whom I had never before had any contact, and she cheerfully sent me yarn. People are amazing.

So, that's two identical chevron scarves complete. How about two pairs of identical mitts?

dic serpentine done
Pattern: Serpentine Mitts, by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, "Cloud Jungle"
Needles: U.S. size 1 (2.25 mm) DPNs

dic serpentine close
I had never knitted mittens or gloves of any kind before these, and I must admit that I'm smitten with mittens! (Groan.) These were so quick and fun to knit that I'm already planning to make a pair for myself. I got two pairs out of one skien of Smooshy, with a generous amount of yarn left over. This is the first time I've knit with Dream in Color, even though I have been, um, collecting it for several months. I was not disappointed. No pooling!

The day after I cast on for the first pair, I found out that Angeluna had cast on her own pair the same night I started mine. We had never discussed the pattern before. Clearly she and I have some kind of psychic bond...or the same impeccable taste at the least. Angeluna is knitting hers in Wollmeise, and I know they're going to be stunning.

dic serpentine model


At 12/23/07, 8:47 PM, Blogger Bea said...

Everything looks great! Happy Christmas to you!

At 12/24/07, 12:08 AM, Blogger Oiyi said...

You just gotta love the kindness of strangers. The scarf looks great. And wow, 2 pairs of mitts from one skein. Awesome! The mitts look very cozy.

At 12/29/07, 7:39 PM, Blogger Mintyfresh said...

That's awesome that you were able to find the extra yarn you needed. The scarf looks great! Nice job on all the mitts and socks you've been cranking out, too!


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