Monday, October 15, 2007

The Wollmeise has landed

One of the main reasons to order Wollmeise directly from Claudia: just look at this packaging.

wollmeise package
How could anything inside this lovely parcel not be wonderful? I admired it long enough to take this photo, and no longer. Come on, I knew what was inside.

wollmeise open
I had seen Wollmeise in person before, but I was still blown away. I think the colorway names are clear enough in the photo, so I won't list them. Each one of these is the dark/strong intensity. Wow. Just wow.

wollmeise close
Best of all, I didn't have to throw myself into the feeding frenzy over at The Loopy Ewe. Don't get me wrong, I do plenty of shopping at TLE, and I have nothing but praise for the service I've received. However, the shopping experience there can sometimes be, well, stressful if one is looking for something specific. Besides, I get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing my money went directly to the dyer who created these beauties.


At 10/16/07, 5:23 AM, Blogger reluctantMANGO said...

Gorgeous yarn! I love your color choices :) IKWYM about buying directly from the maker when you can - it's a good feeling to know that the profit is going to them directly instead of being eaten up by extra transportation costs and store margins.

At 10/16/07, 11:13 AM, Blogger Oiyi said...

Wow, gorgeous colors! I also like the packaging. You have good self restraint. I would have ripped open the wrapping immediately before remembering to take a photo.

At 10/17/07, 12:57 PM, Blogger Lynne E. said...

Thanks so much for telling us about the Wollmeise Yarn Shop! (For folks who haven't tried the link yet, you can convert to English by clicking on the flag at the upper left of the home page.)

Much of the sock yarn was sold out this morning (Oct. 17), but I found three skeins that I like a lot by checking for availability of different color intensities. My order has been placed!

Like you, I don't care for the shopping frenzy experience--at Loopy or eBay or anywhere else. It's much more pleasant to simply see what's available, and place a direct order!

At 10/22/07, 11:35 PM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

GOR-GEE-OUS! I MUST know the name of the colorway 3rd from the left. It's absolutely beautiful.

I don't mind the shopping frenzy at the loopy ewe, but getting the "loopy heads up" email from Sheri definitely helps and if I "score" the colorway I want, then I feel like I've accomplished something. Also, I like the "credits" I get for shopping with Sheri.

I can completely understand the thrill of buying direct though AND to see a pkg arrive from overseas must be great too.


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