Friday, October 05, 2007

From the ashes

It seems as though these socks have been in the making for ages, so actually having them finished feels a bit unreal. Bonus: it's just in time for Socktoberfest!

mb fawkes done
Pattern: Fawkes by Gigi Silva
Yarn: Mama Blue Knitting Goods Merino Semi-Solid Sock Yarn, "Uniform"
Needles: size 1 (2.25 mm) DPNs
Modifications: I did straight ribbing between the lace repeats instead of the garter ribbing specified in the pattern. Why? No idea! I do like the way it makes the lace panels pop, though.

mb fawkes close
After browsing through photos of finished Fawkes on Ravelry, I see that I'm one of the few people who did not knit this pattern in red, orange, or pink yarn. Clearly my Fawkes is a bird of a different color. Or else he's very, very cold.

This is my first time knitting with Mama Blue yarn, and I quite like it. The yarn is soft and has a nice twist. While I'm not sure I would consider this to be a "semi-solid" colorway—it has more contrast than is apparent in the photos—it is lovely. It also seemed to have a bit less elasticity or "give" than a lot of other 100% merino yarns I've used. That's not to say it was unpleasant to knit with, though, quite the contrary.

I think it's now time to turn my attention to my shamefully neglected chevron scarf. There won't likely be any more photos of it until it's finished. After all, progress shots of scarves are almost pointless. ("Look at my scarf! It's six inches longer than the last time you saw it.")

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!


At 10/5/07, 10:07 PM, Blogger Emma said...

Those are absolutely lovely. Great way to kick off Octoberfest.

At 10/6/07, 10:14 AM, Blogger mle said...

They came out beautifully! I love the shades of blue and grey!

At 10/6/07, 11:08 AM, Blogger Lynne E. said...

You have such good taste in sock patterns--I always want to knit the ones that you show as finished objects! Your beautiful knitting shows them off to perfection.

At 10/7/07, 9:51 AM, Blogger bookgrump said...

Beautful! Very beautiful! Three cheers for the cold phoenix!

At 10/7/07, 10:39 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

Lovely socks! Happy Socktober. I like the way the variegations work with the pattern.

At 10/8/07, 3:37 PM, Blogger Oiyi said...

Your color Fawkes is great!

Hehehe...your comment on showing scarf progress pics cracked me up.

At 10/12/07, 12:12 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the review on the sock yarn and pattern. Great info!


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