Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New things

First up, new man lace socks. Out of the ashes of New Year's Day comes, appropriately enough, Fawkes!

mb fawkes first
The fit is good, and the Professor approves of the pattern. All is well in sockland once more.

Next, here's some yarn I dyed on Saturday.

2nd hand dyed
The Sisters of the Wool had a "field trip" down to Heritage Arts. Angeluna has brilliantly documented the excursion, so I won't elaborate any further. Much fun was had by all, despite the heat.

And we'll round out the yarn portion of our program by showcasing some yarn dyed by someone else.

ff sdssc 2
This is the second shipment of the Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins sock club. On the left is Sloth, "a varied light blue shade often used to symbolically represent laziness, mixed with the slightest, subtlest hints of gray and lavender." On the right is Lust, "a rich and passionate shade of eggplant purple mixed with dark oxblood and crimson." Swoon!

Here are the first singles I spun on my beloved new Lendrum. (Is it wrong to love an inanimate object so much?)

first singles
I'm quite pleased. Although there is some unevenness, these singles are much more consistent than I was expecting for my first go. The wool is some coarse Icelandic top that came with the wheel, but it's perfect for a newbie like me. The heathered gray is lovely too.

Finally, here's a peek at my newly accumulated fiber stash.

begin fiber stash
There are almost six pounds of fiber in this picture, and not all of it is visible. It's piled on top of the sock yarn cabinet, waiting for a new home. (What? Don't all of you have pieces of furniture dedicated to yarn?) I'll find an appropriate vessel for it this weekend.


At 9/26/07, 7:19 PM, Blogger loribird said...

Ooo, I like that pattern! And you've got some very drool-worthy fibers there yourself! I love the colors of your self-dyed yarn in particular :)

At 9/26/07, 9:07 PM, Blogger bookgrump said...

I'm lusting for Lust. Is that normal?

At 9/27/07, 9:45 PM, Anonymous kelp! said...

Congrats on your not-so-new-now wheel! You've amassed quite the fiber stash already, I'm impressed!

And those Fearless Fibers yarns! I adore every shipment that you've flashed, yum.

At 9/28/07, 1:25 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

So many beautiful things! That Fawkes pattern with the yarn is stunning and you've definitely getting the yarn dying thing down beautifully.

I'm trying not to "lust" after that colorway.

That's your first spinning? You're a natural!!

At 9/29/07, 2:43 AM, Blogger Angeluna said...

You did it again! You took a pattern I thought I might like and showed how really beautiful it is. OK, next in queu for Fawkes.

And move over Bookgrump, I'm lusting more than you over Lust.

You are indeed born to "the wheel". Very nice work from the get-go. Congratulations!

At 10/7/07, 1:42 PM, Blogger DeAnn said...

I'm with spinning wheel IS my best friend, (next to my husband:). I spin my troubles, problems, dreams, best wishes, and with every twist of the bobbin...I am left with a beautiful hank of yarn...turning everything to Love. I love your blue Fawkes Socks! They look fantastic in that cooler color, in fact better than the red/orange/yellow ones that I am doing:)


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